Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh, here it is! December Daily Update


I was just about to create a post whining about all the technical difficulties I'm having -- on such an energetic week -- and then I found the ever-beautiful cord that would allow me to upload my pictures. Thank. You. St. Anthony!

The past few days have been pretty busy. Even today, which I thought would be so calm and boring, seemed to be frenetic. It's been a cleaning day. I'm nowhere near done, but I am proud of how much I accomplished so far.

On with the show?

On Sunday night, I promised my son we'd make gingerbread men afterschool on Monday. True to my word, we broke out the kit, mixed up the odd recipe....and learned that whoever thought THAT was a recipe for gingerbread men was NOT having a sane day. Luckily, I got him to nap while I came up with plan B -- the gingerbread train I'd stashed away two weeks ago. Everything was already baked, all we had to do was assemble. Yay!

Yesterday, we had lunch with my brother; then decorated his tree. Naturally, my son was all over this task!

Today, like I said, was cleaning day. I was thrilled that I recovered (as in found the top of AGAIN) the sofa table. Since it's also an uber-storage piece, I covered it with a bed sheet to help make spirits bright. I'm wondering how long a) this table will stay pretty; and b) my son will leave alone the nesting dolls. The nutcracker is all his -- a gift from my dad -- as is the frog. But he just lost the tiniest nesting doll -- about the size of a Wonka Nerd -- and I'm not looking to loose more.

Thanks for looking! I know how busy everyone is this time of year. Even I feel like I've only just begun and there are only 18 days left to celebrate!... Okay, did that read "strange" to anyone else?

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