Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Good Shot!

Good Tuesday Afternoon! How are you feeling the day after a long weekend? I had a hard time believing it was time to get back to business as usual. Of course, BAU was supposed to be a fourth round of chemo this morning. Alas, my platelets would not cooperate so I was sent home. Did you think you'd ever meet someone so disappointed that they couldn't get pumped full of toxins? Ah well. To my crafty stash I retreated. Look what I came up with!

All I wanted in this moment was to get a nice photo of my son with his sunglasses on. He thwarted me at every turn BUT, my brother was able to get some with the camera on his phone. Nice quality, I think! It's based on this sketch fromCreative Scrappers:

I took a few close-ups as well:

The vast majority of this page is from Crate Paper's Toy Box collection. Apparently, it's my new favorite toy! I'm hoping to go back and find some other once-loved collections in the next few days. There are a few more photos I want to scrap, but find myself waiting for various elements to magically appear.

Thanks for taking the time to read! I hope to bring more to you, soon!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finally! A Crafy Moment!

Good Saturday Morning! If you've guessed, "Gee, someone is full of perk and pizzaz this morning," you'd be right. That someone is even me! Evidently, it's a good thing to only get about five hours sleep because your child has a stuffy nose and doesn't crash until midnight..... Then wake up at 5:30 in the morning....

On the upshot, it's made for a low-key morning and I was able to negotiate some crafty time. I haven't been in the mood much lately to create. I've had up days, but just not up to crafting. Then, I was healthy enough to visit my MIL last weekend. She, my nephew and my son dug holes and planted trees. I sat still and photographed whatever I could. I wound up getting quite a few photos that I really want to scrap, as long as I have the energy to do so.

And on that note, as far as my health goes, I do have increasingly more energy to do so. I get a little better with each round of chemo (going for my fourth next week). I'm making physical progress that keeps my spirits up, even when I'm tired enough to fall asleep playing with my son. In another week, I'll be able to provide visual proof to my doctor of exactly how much of the cancer has been removed from my body. I have hopes there!

Now, back to being crafty!

I made this:

It was inspired by an page I liked at scrapbook.com:


And, it turns our she got her inspiration from a sketch site:


It was fun to go through my stash. I wanted to solely use the Toy Box collection, from Crate Paper, but they didn't have the right shade of blue and green, so I combined it with the Little Boy collection, by Echo Park. I do enjoy both collections so much that I think I'll have to find a way to restock both in my stash. I'm starting to fret about the day I run out!

Okay, I know that this isn't my usual par for blogging. Normally, I'm a lot better at making pretty links and adding images of sketches used. That lack of sleep is starting to catch up to me and I'd really like to lobby for nap time.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good Thursday afternoon!I thought I'd share a happy moment with you, today. As is true with most of mine, it's about my son. He turned four last month; a few of the gifts he received were boxes of Legos. About a week after his birthday he got this great idea to just build one of his favorite cartoon characters, SpongeBob SquarePants. He pretty much insisted on doing it all on his own, too. Each time I tried to help, he'd politely tell me, "Actually, Mom, we're going to do it a different way." Eventually, I stopped meddling. It was about the time that I noticed he was completely in control and truly didn't need my help after all. Babies really do grow up so fast, don't they?


I was so proud of his end result, I snapped a few really good shots with my camera phone to add to Facebook. I even managed to scrap one last week because I was feeling super healthy. Unfortunately, it printed washed out -- needed new ink! Here's the page of my son with his prized creation:

He posed like that naturally. I swear I didn't direct him! I used green Glimmer Mist on the background for interest and a whole lotta Toy Box, by Crate Paper for the fun of it. The alphas are Basic Grey, Life of the Party. The sketch is by Jana Eubank; one I've been wanting to use for weeks now:

LOL, evidently, it's a bit tiring to write a blog. Silly but I think I'll go back and get a second nap before my son returns from daycare. I finished up a round of chemo earlier today and have been trying to eat and rest since.

See ya!