Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Global Knowledge

Good Tuesday Morning! Somehow the planets are aligning this morning for me. My son is not yet awake before 5:30 AM and I remembered to have my laptop in my bedroom.

Why not a blog post?

A few weeks ago, my son and my father had an opportunity to sit and snuggle with each other. It's something zee child doesn't do as often any more because he's finding out more each day that toys are far more intriguing to his curiosity and imagination. He'd rather PLAY with someone than snuggle for hours on end. I can dig that. My dad's back, however, isn't so much a fan anymore. He is 71, after all. My back argues with me, at the tender age of 34, so this doesn't surprise me.

I digress, they got to snuggle...And watch Arthur on TV...and my son asked one of the biggest questions on the planet...To a man who is pretty sure he KNOWS everything on the planet.

"Papa, can you tell me about the world?"

This question warmed my dad's heart. They sat, snuggled, and my dad tried to impart as much as he understood about the world to fit the attention span and understanding of a three-year-old boy. They talked about God and Creation. They talked about love and protection. My dad tried his best to cover it all in about a half hour. I tried to take pictures of it all while he did; then came up with this:

The overall design can be credited to this sketch, which can be found at Let's Scrap.

One of my favorite details about these pages are the little deer embellishments on each page:

Both the shadow and it's image were cut on a Cricut, using the Cindy Loo cartridge at 3". Originally, the deer, squirrel and trees were cut on green paper; then I misted them with Glimmer mist (Coffee Shop) to make them pop more. Still wanting to do something special for the deer, I then covered them with Stickles (Cinnamon). Finally, I added the stitching on the outside. The circle on the left has been raised with foam dots, while the image on the right is being used for some hidden journaling.

The frames are my other favorite detail.

These are chipboard frames (Technique Tuesday) that I've been hanging onto forever. I painted them with Crackle Paint; then stamped them with a string of arrows (Sassafras Lass) to make them more interesting. It was fun and inspired by one of the last challenges at Practical Scrappers.

And now, my son is awake and needs to use the potty. Glad you know that, huh? That reminds me. I'm totally geeked to feel he has mastered enough of potty training that I can finally create a couple pages on that! Yes, I'm *that* mom. I'm doing it to celebrate the milestone AND to hold over his head... As in, "Do it or I'll show your prom date the Potty Training pages!"

Thanks for reading and looking!

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  1. What a great LO! I too love those little dear accents, but what a precious memory to capture!


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