Sunday, February 14, 2016

Life of the Party

Hello! I actually made it back two weekends in a row! While I might be the only one pleasantly surprised, I'll claim the win. I returned to chemo this past week and my body has had a couple opinions on the matter. Blah. Anyway, I thought I was going to call it a crafting loss, but I was*just* struck with inspiration about an hour ago so I can play along with the weekly challenge at (relearning proper linking is on my list);use hearts. We have two choices. I could ramble on endlessly OR I could just show you what I managed. Be gentle, please. It's not my best, and I'm mainly excited that I managed anything.

I'm lucky, really. My son's teacher set up a photo booth, so each child took home a little photo. Otherwise, I'd still be stumped. The cellophane bag is actually part of the Valentines Party pieces he brought home. To keep it as flat as possible, I used liquid glue both on the back (to attach to the cardstock) and inside. I didn't think about using it until I started tucking the Valentines into a pocket page, and the kids-decorated gift bag into a 6x12 sleeve. Then the rest quickly came together.

While not brilliant, I'm still giving myself permission to be proud. Up top, me! I hope you enjoy the last bits of your weekend, or your morning routine.

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