Saturday, February 6, 2016

So. Many. Moons.

I don't know if anyone would actually read this post. According to my data, I haven't written anything in a year and a half. Looks abandoned to me!

So..... In the event that anyone recognizes the name, as I pop into your blog feed,  Hi! How are ya? What's the haps? Personally, I'm okay. I'm alive. I'm mostly functional. By the bullets, I have.....

* Enjoyed two more summers with my family and friends.

* Watched my son grow more into the young man he is going to be.

* Ended one hellacious chemotherapy treatment,  which was probably the largest part of why I stopped blogging.

* Nudged my son through second grade, and several important personal events.

* Tried alternative methods of killing cancer. Basically, they worked on the areas for which they were designed.

* Tried a new chemotherapy treatment for the cancer that remains. Far less hellacious than the one before.

* I'm currently nudging my son through third grade.

* I decorate my planners.

* Now that Glitter Girl has returned, I'm suddenly inspired to create again. I'm inspired to move past existing and celebrate life again.

*I'm inspired to share and blog again.

* While I do have two posts planned to share ASAP,  I need to work with The Boy on his spelling again.

Hello!  I have missed you.

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