Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Pop's Day, Dudes!

There are likely a gajillion and four posts today that somehow relate to Father's Day. Thank goodness it's not my job to read them all! I'd be stuck in this chair until next Father's Day; only to do it all over again.

Today, I'm not going to reminisce about my own Dad. He's awesome, he's infuriating, he's embarrassing and a reason to hold my head high. I love him; and as crazy as he drives me, I wouldn't have him any other way.

This MIGHT, however, go into a little bit of mush wherein I talk about my husband as Dad. Likely that's going to happen because I made a little scrappy page about he and my son recently; I feel like sharing that page today.

He's a pretty good Dad, really. I admit I had my doubts about either of our skills before we brought our Little Wonder home. He can be gruff. He has a quick temper (even if it does fade as fast as it emerges); and Heaven help you if you're near him while waiting in a grocery line. His vocabulary isn't nearly as colorful as mine can be; yet he uses the "fun" words more often than I do. He can tire easily and is prone to migraines. He likes everything in like exactly his way; though he'll swear he's flexible. Not so much. He has some odd ideas of appropriate television viewing for children. Sponge Bob is about as innocent as we can agree on in that department.

And yet.... He's present with our son every day. He has no problems digging into the less-savory parts of parenting without looking back. Somehow, he is patient. He is teaching our son to appreciate nature, science, art and the craft of creating highly-detailed masterpieces (he is incredible at painting Warmachine models). Our son is constantly interested in whatever Daddy does and my husband has no problem teaching him as he goes along. My husband and my son are getting to know each other better every day. They love each other like parents and children are supposed to. They're setting the groundwork to respect each other as they grow.

THAT's why I felt so privileged to get this photo of them earlier this weekend:

And made this page, with the help of the Thursday Sketch at Pages In Time:

I added a few details to the sketch supplied, like stitching triangles around the title area, having peek-a-boo torn paper here and there, buttons that just insisted on being used... I also used a recent gift of crackle paint to make the title area brighter.

And just for kicks and giggles, this is another page I made in December that I just love:

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Fabulous photo. Both of your pages came out great.

  2. Your son will be so happy with these when he's older--wonderful memories preserved by a very creative mom.


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