Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sorry Sweetie!

There's been a bit of excitement in my house this past week. Our son has made another tiny stride toward complete potty proficiency. There's been enough rain to get the "splashies" out of any puddle-jumper's system. I got my hair cut.

Evidently, getting my hair cut was the most exciting event of all. My mother was geeked because she's maintained super-short hair for most of her life. For as long as she could, she kept my hair about a couple inches long and permed the hey-diddle-diddle out of it. Of course, for the longest time her mother kept her hair in long braids, so all that makes sense, in a weird kind of way.

My son was pretty sure that this meant he'd get his hair trimmed, too. For several months now, whenever Daddy goes to get his hair cut, our son is getting the same. Why should Mommy's 'do day be any different?

The hubberband, on the other hand, was.... a little more toward luke-warm on the whole idea. When we met, so so many moons ago, my hair tickled my waist. He loved my long hair and all the goofy college-girl things I'd do to it. He loved the pony-tails and braids. He thought the buns and up-do's were amusing. He thought the long-flowing look was cozy....and aside from all that, he just really liked the femininity of long hair. It remained about that long for the next four years...when I graduated and got a real job....with a real paycheck.... and REALLY wanted my hair out of my way as I ran after first-graders all day.

I wanted a break from the length...and the maintenance! Spending an hour brushing tangles out of my hair was just not on my to-do list. Buying a new bottle of conditioner every week wasn't all that great, either. Always having ties and barrettes on hand?! It was time for a change. Since that first major cut, I've gone back and forth between hair that ends at my earlobes and hair that drops just past my shoulders. Every time I get it cut, he pouts for a few minutes and mourns the loss of a detail he holds so dear. I feel bad every time; really I do! But when the temperatures rise and humidity graces my skin, I choose comfort over beauty.

I created a page for my husband's album (100 reasons why I love him) so he could go back and look at the longer hair until it grows again. Mainly, it's a tongue-in-cheek kind of thing. The design is based on the . Again, if you're the crafty type, I recommend you check them out.

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  1. What a great post--and the layout is fabby--great images and beautiful paper.


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