Friday, May 28, 2010

Bubbles McGee

Once upon a time, life was good. Okay, so life still is good and this is by no means a complaint on that note. With that in mind, I've been taking a few cruises down Memory Lane this past week. I don't know how May is faring for everyone else, but mine started off durn cold and is ending on a more sultry note. It's the heat that has me thinking about Summers of my childhood, teen and early adult years.

For the longest time, Summer was a major event in my life. Yes, I do mean the entire season! Summer is when school ends and relaxation begins. Summer meant Day Camp and field trips to the beach and Penny Whistle Place. Summer meant two weeks in Ohio, on my grandparents farm. Summer meant birthday parties -- both mine and a few friends. Summer meant sparklers and fireworks that were entirely too loud and reverberating for my liking. Summer meant temporary boyfriends. Summer meant I would make peace with one ex-boyfriend long enough to enjoy random drives, pizza in the basement an hour before dinner-time, and a few evening outings to local parks. Summer meant a dozen different vacations (over the years) that I REALLY didn't want to particpate in...and one trip to New Orleans.

Summer meant innocence and fun and a million and four possibilities. Even in hazy heat, everything was possible and magical. The fun would never end and bubbles never burst. I thought a lot of these same notions as I looked at these photos of my niece. Granted, they were taken on a winter-coat-mandatory day in April. Sultry summer air was but a dream! But those bubbles -- and the fun that ensued -- felt like it could go on forever. In that moment, life was magical again.

The design of this page is thanks to the Weekly Sketch Challenge at Pages In Time. I added loads of tiny acrylic circles to give a dimensional bubble feel. For kicks and giggled I also added a floral image (as posted in the Vintage Group at PIT) and the left-over packaging from a grunge flourish -- painted with Crackle Paint and inked. If you're scrappy -- or ever found billowing magic in all your photos -- I recommend you hop on over and see if you'd like to give it a try.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Gosh I enjoy your writing and your scrapbook pages! I tried scrapbooking once ... for about a week ... and what was in my head just never ended up being the same on paper.

    I feel much the same way about summer as you do (and here in central NY we had snow on Mother's Day and it's felt like summer for the past 2 weeks!). Every summer was camp and trips (including one of our own to New Orleans for the World's Fair) and extended stays at various friends houses when there were no parents around. Ah yes ... and the temporary boyfriends! For the most part my growing up wasn't "all that" but summer? Summer I loved! Thanks for the memories!

  2. Thanks for following me--now I'm following you! Enjoyed looking around your blog!

  3. Karen, thank you for the compliment! If you still have the supplies, I suggest to try scrapbooking again! I really enjoy the craft for several reasons -- creativity, keeping a record of life and stress reduction are only a few! Have another go!

    I haven't been back to New Orleans since the early 90's so I don't know now...but it was a truly magical place to just be, wasn't it?

  4. Helene, I absoulutely love your blog and look forward to reading more as time goes on.

  5. Very precious lo!!! lovely pic!!
    Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog!! I really appreciate it!!!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm a follower but somehow couldn't get a link today. You're on my sidebar so I don't lose you again.


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