Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just Like Daddy

I have one of those things most like to call a "husband." Often, I prefer to call him my home. I also have one of those things most like to call a "son." Often I prefer to call him... Well, I often call him screwier than a a ten-penny nail. Oh, I'm aware that a ten-penny nail doesn't have screw threads...but my son is three and frequently makes about as much sense as my analogy. Regardless and obviously, I love them both. I wouldn't trade either for all the glimmer chalk in the world...(Psst! BTW, if your a Glimmer Mist fan, I just found a site selling the chalk! Squeal!)

My husband is a fan of bonsai; so much so that he can be found easily at a nursery or out in a wooded area looking for saplings to bend to his own will. Those close to him might also spy him perusing the internet for tips, tricks and more trees and seeds to aid in his cultivating ways. I've made the joke before that when he comes through the door with a new potted tree, he reminds me of a little kid with a stray dog -- the kind that asks, "Can we keep him?"...Only my husband doesn't ask permission to keep the tree. We just do.

Our son has sensed my husband's passion for growing trees and understands this MUST mean it is quite a special job to undergo. Now, whenever he sees his father heading toward the trees to either water or prune or repot or just generally examine for infestation -- half the trees are outdoor dogs, err, trees -- he simply MUST follow along and help whenever possible. Our son is so intent on helping that he has also been given the gift of his very own watering can.

This past week, my husband came home with a cold...and then was sweet enough to share it with us, but I digress. Because of this cold, he was unable to care for his trees as he would normally do and gave our son special permission to water his trees with any help. Sure enough, our son jumped at the opportunity. Sure enough, I snapped a few pictures while he did.

He was so happy to be "just like Daddy."

...until he was only half-way done with the job. Then he took off for the swing set.

The overall design of this page was inspired by a sketch posted on the Pages In Time site. Here's a link if you'd like to see the sketch and join the fun:

Pages In Time Weekly Sketch Challenge


  1. I saw your comment over at Quay's about letting your son be your trainer ... and I had to stop by! My John is about to turn 4 in a couple of weeks and I often refer to him as my mini-trainer! He has a SmartCycle (Fisher Price's exercise back/video game dealie) in the basement next to my recumbent and he's ALWAYS pushing me to go harder :)

  2. Wow! That's so cool! Isn't it awesome to have such a constant source of inspiration and motivation?

  3. He's an amazing little guy! A little bit brutal sometimes ... and brutally honest, too. A few days ago we were riding our bikes and he reached over and touched the flab where my biceps should be and said, ever so sweetly, "we work on that, too?" :)


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