Monday, July 19, 2010


Of the bajillion and four confessions I could make regarding myself and my life... Well, I suppose one would be that I actually pick the number bajillion-and-four often as my go-to number for exaggeration. Another would be that I am a total stick-in-the-mud. I like where my roots have been planted. They are familiar and comfortable. Most days I find no reason to do anything different.

Then, I recall that saying about insanity. It's definition, apparently, is in doing the same thing time and again; expecting a different result. This gives me pause to consider the possibilities that come with change. While I'm still learning that not all changes are exactly as wonderful I hoped they'd be, others cause me to stop and be grateful for the blessing of that change every single day.

Take, for example, my son. Yes, my son. Get over it, I'll write about him a lot. He was the best damn change I could have never known I ever wanted. How's that for a Major in Language Arts? And back to my son. It's through his three-year-old eyes that I get to see so many details of life in a new light; changed, if you will. Today, I got to see the toy stand for Woody changed into a crane that lifted heavy loads (also known as the Yo Gabba Gabba bath squirters) all the way from the play room, two rooms away to the dining table I was working at.

Yesterday, I got to watch his understanding of playmates change as he played so well with two other children at a birthday party. That was totally awesome for me. Normally, he bosses me around in the playroom until he gets frustrated and tells me I'm a bad playmate.

He's also changed possibilities for some of our family. On the Fourth of July, he helped his great grandfather change his concept of "the norm" between himself and his great grandchildren. The Norm would be that the great grandchildren tend to shy away from him, as loving and fun as he can be, because of his gruff voice. The Norm of my son's world dictated pretty much the same until that day. It was then that something changed for him and he RAN to his great grandpa with arms open and waiting to be carried to the couch...where he promptly talked off the ear of his great grandpa for a good ten minutes. It was a rare moment that left us all surprised; and gave me a moment to grab my camera and shoot a few photos for posterity.

Because I loved that moment so much, I decided to make this page, inspired by the July 8 Thursday Sketch at Pages In Time. I decided to use part of a Fancy Pants "kit" I created on a whim to create some summer pages. I really like the colors in the My Family collection. The Prima DeVines have been in my stash for a little while now and I've been wanting to pull them out again. The same can be said for the E Line pearls and gems. I LOVE those little guys! The blue flower has been misted (blue, of course) and curled for some depth.

The moment also played a part in inspiring me to try to stretch my roots a bit and take some time job scouting another area of the country. I'll be spending this week planning and packing. I hope to blog at least a few days of this adventure. Of course I'm taking a camera!

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