Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pretty Pretties and a little encouragement

Good Morning! How does this lovely first day of July find you? It finds me a bit better. If I'm in the mood to drool over pretties, then this must be so!

First, I'd like to share some information for a good friend of mine. Her name is Courtni. Who knows, maybe you already read her blog. Her young son, X (that's an abbreviation, not an effort at anonymity), has been hit by the acting bug and seems to have landed his first gig! Woohoo, right?! Now, everyone agrees that if he's really going to go for it (acting as a career) some lessons might be nice and the family is working hard to raise the funds.

Tomorrow, July 2, they will be hosting an auction for crafty goods (cards and whatnots), other items, and services provided by reliable friends and family to help their son follow his dreams.

I'm still waiting on my friend to share the links to I can pass them onto you, but here's a heads up if you're so inclined and are a fan of auctions.

In other shoppy news, if you're crafty I've just spied some really cute chipboard embellishments, thanks to Page Check out the linked blog to get some ogle time and maybe even participate in their challenge.

That's all for now. Tomorrow I might be able to post more and am hoping to finish up one project and hit up a few more pretty soon.

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