Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Surprisingly Still Kicking!

Good Tuesday evening! Guess who's still alive and kicking?! Did you miss me? Did you forget who I was and why I'm appearning on your dashboard?

I miss blogging, too. It's the norm, now, that I have a set number of down days and a whole lotta up days; though I am still fighting cancer. I feel like I want to share tons of pictures and a few crafty moments; but I also want to give you an idea of what I've been doing for the past couple/few months.

In August, I went wig shopping. I call her Molly. She is beautiful, though likely ready for her first bath. I didn't know, prior to my appointment, that she requires special shampoo.... and that I need to keep her from heat. Molly is high maintenance.

At the end of August, on the same day that my son started Junior Kindergarten, I was informed that the national drug shortage had hit home and I wouldn't be receiving part of my chemo until further notice. They also changed my routine and I hated it. By the end of September, I was back on track.

In addition to just dealing the chemo; I've been trying to participate in my son's class activities as much as possible.

I've made quickie cards for his teachers.

There was a school-wide reading day.

I tried to do the field trip to the pumpkin patch, but just wasn't healthy enough. Luckily, my Dad took my place and I'd already paid for Gramma Camera to go as well. I still have photos and a page prepped for the album.

My son has been testing social boundaries, so I've spent as much healthy time as possible just sitting on him. Momma WILL NOT raise a bully.

Halloween was a lot of fun. Yesterday was one of my healthiest days in each cycle so I helped out with the in-class party then finished the day with an hour of trick-or-treating with a pygmie zombie.

Also, after watching his teacher organize and practice for the class' turn at all-school-mass, I've decided she needs one heck of a thank-you at Christmas time. I've started working on a few special gift tags for the upcoming season.

I've had many appointment with my oncologist. My cancer marker -- the number that basically says "how much" I've got continues to drop. When this started in April, I was at 22. As of a couple weeks ago, I'm at 0.9. I have yet another scan in a couple weeks to see what the inside scoop is; and I'm really hoping for continued good news. While I may be settled into a routine, and find a level of comfort in knowing what to expect, I'm mentally done with this nonsense and wanting to move on with life.

That's all I can think to share right now. Once I'm up out of bed, I'll work on taking pics of layouts and the like. They've become quite basic again, but I'm claiming a victory that I'm doing anything at all.

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