Thursday, June 12, 2014

Just Hanging Out!

Good Morning!  I have another page to share; inspired by Stuck?! Sketches.  I have seen this sketch on several blogs that I follow.  I liked the design and saved it for added inspiration:

And here is my take:

I guess the first thing I want to talk about is the cardstock.  Of all things, right?  Apparently, I have a love/hate relationship with this shade of green. I love singing like Kermit The Frog about how it's not easy being green. I love the shade.  I hate working with it; but I'm stubborn.  Each year, I give myself permission to invest in a new "boy" collection and coordinating cardstock.  This shade is actually spot on with a few of the papers in the "Be Different" collection from Fancy Pants, so it was a natural choice.

  • Problem:  Every time I pull it out to make a page, my eyes get mad at me, taking my brain along for the ride.
  • Solution:  Every time this happens, I put it back and choose a different color.
  • Problem:  I've run out of two of the other colors I prefer (light blue and vanilla).
  • Solution:  I've ordered more.
  • Problem:  I REALLY wanted to make a page -- apparently this page -- yesterday and Oh! Em! Geeeeeeeeeee!  How was I going to make this work?!
  • Solution:  Throw as much navy (everything) as I could around the photos to help me chill out.  That started with two different blue mists, blue ink with stencils, and any blue embellishments I could find.  I began to settle into some comfort with my page, but then there was a very blank, massive corner of green along the right.  Gah! More mist, still bugged me.  Then I just decided to listen to the little voice inside my head.  I tested my idea first; by painting hearts with plain water,  I would at least get to see if I liked the shape and knew it would dry clear.  Once that was a go, I dipped my brush into a bottle of glimmer mist to paint heart shapes...then I felt compelled to fill them in.  Almost there; I used a bottle of Mister Huey's and traced the outside with that tiny tube/ spray pump/whirlygig..... In the moment I'm typing this, I'm mostly happy, but I still think they might need something more; maybe a little yellow triangle in each.  Maybe time will tell.

Check!  So now I can talk about everything else:

  • My literal brain would have popped if I didn't choose the gaming paper for this page.  It is, afterall, about The Boy and one of my dearest friends playing Skylanders together.  He got her hooked on a previous visit so this was pretty special for them both.

  • Again, I played with Pics Art photo editing to choose two colors in the photos, making the rest B/W.  I think I do that more for my benefit, so I can better focus on what I feel is important -- not the messy sofa and coffee table.
  •  I went back to my early days and traced a saucer for the corrugated circle; then folded that circle in half to cut out the inside.  I then cut that ring in half and wove it between my paper layers.

  •  Instead of using another paper for a large banner underneath it all, I opted to use a stencil and ink.  Then, I was compelled to pull out my trusty brick stencil as well.  Mainly, I was just trying to fight all of the green with more blue around the photo.  I hated it.

  • Since I hated the bricks, I started layering over them -- stickers, journal spot.  Initially, I wasn't going to use a journal spot; but I didn't leave space at the bottom for journaling.  Plus, it was more navy to combat the green.

  • And the sequin party!  Whee!  Followed by more decluttering of my desk -- the enamel pieces.  Also, I found a roller-date stamp just hanging out, wishing for some love. 

If I owned a stamp that was shaped like a video game controller, I would have thrown a couple of those images onto my page as well.  Trust me, I'm looking!  Until that magical day arrives, this page is "done."    If you're interested in learning about the products I used, here is the link to my gallery at

Thank you for looking!


  1. Wow, even tough you widn't love that cardstock you turned it into something incredible! Great job with the sketch, i too am a very literal scrapper and have trouble using some embellies because they don't mesh with the theme of my photos! You did such a great job with this, I am so glad you share it at Stuck?!

  2. I love your process and your sense of humour. I feel I know you so well now! and in fact I go through much the same trauma as you with this green colour. Your use of navy is genius and thanks for the entertaining read! Thanks for playing along at Stuck?!

  3. Well I am impressed on how you made it all together...I also have a hard time with cardstock and certain colors always throw me. Thanks for sharing,glad you used this great sketch.

  4. I love all the texture! The hearts are awesome, I think the close ups really show how pretty they are. I have issues with pink, so I am glad I am not the only one with colour issues.

  5. Love this page! I think you and I have very similar scrapping strategies, arguing with paper, persisting with colour choices and covering up things that tried and failed on my LOs! I always say, scrapping adventures gone wrong is just a reason to add more paint/ink and embellies!!!

  6. Oh wow, great job with the green I have a similar dilemma with purple!Thanks for joining us at Stuck? this month!

  7. I too love your story and sense of humour! I love how you took us through the prices! Great background work! Thanks for playing along with Stuck?!

  8. Making the sketch your own so that it works for you is what it's all about! Awesome job! Thanks for playing along with us over at Stuck?! Sketches!

  9. great job with sketch, love the texture and the hearts, you did great! Thanks for joining us at Stuck?!


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