Friday, December 31, 2010

Keeping My Goals In Mind

Good Friday Morning! And since I turn into a pumpkin by 8 PM each night, Happy New Year as well. I'm hoping this unfolds into a beautiful and enjoyable day. In my digs, we're expecting temps in the mid-40's and rain so who knows? Despite the warmer (and wet!) weather, we've been blessed with a fair amount of joy and delight. I can't imagine today being any different....but I also lost my ability to see into the future ever so many moons ago.

In the mean time, I'm going to stick to my goals and select some photos for this cute sketch:

Created by Jana Eubank, it's the current inspiration at Sketches In Thyme. If you like it, too, I encourage you to give it a go. I haven't participated in any challenge for over a month, but I've wanted to. No time like the present!

Speaking of presents, yesterday, we took advantage of a generous gift our son received for Christmas. Papa Mike and Grandma Mona gave him tickets to our local Children's Museum. We had never been there before and were in great need of an adventure. Adventure was definitely what we found! Who knew you could put so many educational centers into one small building! Two hours was just not enough time and we will be going back sometime in January. To give you an idea of exactly how much fun my son had, I'd like to share a new favorite photo of mine:

I forgot how slow my point-and-shoot camera could be....and that flash is very important. Still, the blur that he created was a fairly accurate description for the day. I'll be looking for a single-photo sketch for this one.

I'd like to think of a really cute way to close, but my paper is calling to me. Something scrappy, this way comes!


  1. Happy 2011! I like the sketch. TFS~ (cool blog):D

  2. Happy New Year! Thanks for the comment on my scrap room. The last pic is actually the only spot left to organize and there is no wall space. A window and a closet with tall organizational cabinets in it already. It's all good, I will get it done eventually!
    I had to smile at your child blur shot...I think many parents have those. Kiddos sure can move when they want to and oh, the energy! Can I have some of that energy, please? Can you harness it in a bottle and send it this way?!?


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