Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Me? Stylish?

Good Wednesday evening! I had started to write this post last Sunday morning, but life went crazy in a fun kind of way. Now, life is getting hectic in a few different directions.

*I decided to rejoin Weight Watchers online this morning, after doing some reading on some epic changes. I've spent most of the day giddy and absorbing what I can.

* I've got a few scrappy pages completed to go with the most recent Sketches In Thyme Open Challenge, but doubt I'll get them photographed and uploaded in time.

* My son rediscovered snow this morning, so we've been in and out and getting geeked about that.

* On a whim, I loaded Sims 3 onto my computer and have been sucked into that many evenings, once my son is in bed.

*I'm here. I'm reading. I'm participating with challenges, but have to find a way to keep new and old plates spinning.... again! In the mean time, I opened up this post to share it with everyone and explain some impending absences WHILE I cook a new recipe for potatoes.

I thought I'd use a couple of the free minutes I have to catch up on my last blogging award:

This was also awarded to me by the very talented Fern. I am supposed to share eight more things about myself and tag eight more people. I wonder if there are eight more details that are *worth* writing down. Guess we'll find out together, huh? Perhaps I can switch it up and note the eight nouns I'm grateful for. I didn't get around to doing an official Thanksgiving blog, but I kinda wanted to give it a try....

1) Since it's happening right now, just off to my right... I am thankful that I have a loving, fun husband who takes the time to play with our energetic, imaginative son. They've loaded a Lego car with seven inches of Lego bricks...and there's a Lego chicken driving it and crashing it all over the place.

2) I am thankful to have freedoms; like speech and creative expression. While I do find myself holding my tongue frequently, it's good to know that I have every ability to open and let loose when warranted.... (okay, so I keep taking breaks to turn and watch my husband and son play. It's too cute!)

3) I am thankful to have friends and family who understand me completely and continue to love me all the same.

4) I am thankful for the repeated gift of a brand new day; to wake each morning with a roof still over my be able to open my eyes and see the little things that surround me... to have a brain that can do the Math on how long I expect to lie in quiet until my son wakes and we start the day.

5) I am grateful that there is some source of income that graces our family each week so we are able to keep our stomachs filled with nutrition (and occasional treats). While I'd be even more thankful if I were able to contribute to that income; I have to remind myself that it could be far worse. There could be none at all.

6) Now, I'm starting to reach while remaining true. I AM thankful that our home has remained intact; even after the most insane of storms in the past few years. That's brought up, because I'm looking out the back window (above my playing son) and can see a fraction of my neighbor's back yard. A few weeks ago, we had a major wind storm that broke a rotted tree (in his yard) in half. It was less than a yard from his house -- and his daughters' bedroom. Instead of hitting the house, it cracked and smashed his deck to smitherines. There is one tree in our own yard that is healthy, but just as close to our house as that tree WAS to his.

7) I am thankful that there are fourteen people who have chosen to follow this blog. Thank you for helping me feel as though I'm not just talking at a wall. You've been so kind and encouraging.

8) And since he's decided to come over and be RIGHT in my face (quite literally), I am thankful overall for the gift my son is each day. He has his rough days. I have mine. He has his silly days. He has his smart days. He has some days that I swear I just fed him rocket fuel by mistake. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, that child changed my life for the better. Without him, I'd be so very lost. I think a lot of people in my circles would be, too.


Now, I'm pretty sure I need to tag others at this point.

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  1. catching up here--congrats on all of your awards!


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