Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Finds 6: Really? I've been doing this for six weeks now?!

Good Friday Morning! At least, it's morning while I begin to type this. It's also round about the time that my son wakes each morning (6 AM, he's a morning person!), but I'm hoping he sleeps for another hour. He had a big day yesterday and no nap. Wow, does that child still need naps! I digress, that's not what I've found this week.

What I have found is....

* The Rainbow Master:

My son, self-proclaimed Rainbow Master, went from being the crayon muncher, as a baby, to a perfectionist as a toddler. He'd try to color (or even draw) but would quickly lose control of the crayon and throw the biggest fits. In the past year, he's become more comfortable with simply drawing, but coloring a pre-printed page still frustrated him. As of Thursday evening, that's all changed and you can't get him to STOP coloring in his book for very long.

* In other finds, my good friend Carol is participating in a project sponsored by Dockers to make the world a better place. She is quite good at making things happen. Ever heard of Make a Difference Day? She was part of that, too.

* The Color Room has a fun palette out, starting today:

* How do you feel about Dusty Attic chipboard? If you love it, you may want to head over to the blog, Simply Paper. In several weeks she will be a well-stocked retailer of those beautiful pieces. In the mean time, she's also hosting a little give away:

I was glad to read her blog this week for a couple reasons. Obviously, these are amazing pieces! Thanks to a generous giveaway from Mandy, I've been able to play with some pieces on my own and am instantly in love with them. But also, I was wondering why I wasn't seeing much product in specific Etsy stores. In reading Simply Paper, I learned why and will be more than willing to wait.

* Are you fairly new to scrapbooking? Have you been a round for a while but wonder about how one might define your style? Practical Scrappers has run a week-long informational piece on the most popular styles of scrapping. Evidently, I am a Classic scrapper, with a few grungy tendencies.

* If you're looking to just read something that has NOTHING to do with paper crafting, I recommend a post by Single Dad Laughing from this past week.

* Do you like stamps? I was reading Gina's blog yesterday. She shared a link to a Sweet Pea stamp RAK.

* Whew! Looks like this week has been busy, huh? And I'm not even done yet! Frosted Designs has a fun challenge this week -- use metal. Jinkies! I love using metal! Jinkies! I love Frosted Designs!

* I also love Sketches In Thyme! They have an open challenge this week. Use a sketch of your choice to submit a project to their challenge.

....And.... It's now 6:30 in the morning. I'm tired again. Oops! I wish you all a fabulous weekend and warm sunny days ahead!

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