Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Liebster Blog Goes Hippity Hop and Tiggity Tag

Hello! Happy Wednesday! I spy sunshine, do you? My son has unwillingly given me a break from playing with cars. I think the apple snack/bribe is helping. I needed to take a moment to catch up on my blog fun. I've been tagged in a generous and thoughtful way. Micupoftea tagged me with a round of Liebster Blog tag.

The Liebster (Love) Blog Award is given to bring new blogs to light. It is a great way to get new blogs seen by people who might not otherwise see them. If you have been tagged and would like to participate, create a post, use the Liebster (Love) Blog image, then link to 3 to 5 other blogs that you follow.
Here are a couple of blogs I follow that I will share with you!

Stacy's Blog : Stacy is a busy mom who finds time to craft frequently and always has a fun project and story to share about her adventures. She also has regular hook-ups to all sorts of blog-candy across the blogosphere.

Alyssa's Blog: If you want to be wowed by a stamping genius.... you know, in addition to Micupoftea, definitely head on over to Alyssa's blog.

Steffanie's blog: Steffanie makes amazing flowers of all shapes and sizes BY HAND!!!! She has a great eye for creating pearl flourishes, flowers, scrap pages and altered items. Seriously, check her out. Love her stuff. Contact her re/ her Etsy shop and see what kind of amazing flowers and bling she can make for you!

....And wow, does this boy know how to eat an apple! I guess it's back to the grind for me. Happy hopping to you!


  1. Love visiting here! I've been to Alyssa's blog, but will have to check out the others soon. xo

  2. Congrats on getting the Liebster blog award! I love your blog - it's gorgeous! I can't wait to check out the otheres you tagged.


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