Monday, November 15, 2010


Good Monday morning! The sky is blue and it's been warm enough so far to get out of the house and into the least for several minutes of physical activity. I'd love to get a few (hundred) more days like this before Winter sets in and we're bouncing off the walls. Since I don't know if that's possible, we'll try to get out more and celebrate life. In the mean time, my little one is enjoying a nice cup of cocoa with marshmallows and I'm enjoying a moment to sit and type.

Speaking of celebrating life, that's pretty much what inspired a layout I'm about to share with you. A few posts back, I shared some photos of my nephew clearing four bales of hay like a hurdle. That same day (a few minutes later, actually) he and my son took some time to just chill on that hay and enjoy a quiet moment together. I'm convinced it would have been some level of sin if I didn't save it to adore for years to come; but how? Well, I relied on a sketch from Creative Scrappers -- Sketch Challenge 129, I believe:

And here's my take:

I decided to keep it pretty simple this time. I had my fill of chunky distressing for a little bit. It's nice to be able to move back and forth with how much detail or however many techniques I choose to do. Besides, the paper I used (Basic Grey, Max & Whiskers) is already grunged up enough in it's design. The Jenni Bowlin buttons and Prima Devines are supposed to give it a more relaxed feeling; but I'm still pumped from running and playing this morning that even I'm getting confused. (Mental note: explore some basic yoga with the child.)

The "G" in Bonding was actually a bit of jerry-rigging. I have some unloved Thickers that I'm trying to use; but I don't have any G's. Instead I cut apart an O and used the straight piece to create a G...then covered up my clever ways by snipping this teeny tiny "display" piece out of the back packaging of some Jenni Bowlin bingo cards. I swear, I use their packaging more than their actual product. Must work on that!

Ah, well! It seems that the cocoa cooled and has been emptied from the cup. I suspect I'll be on the run pretty soon. Thank goodness it's a nap day!


  1. I agree...I like to be able to have a distressed layout with lots of junk on it and I also like to keep it simple too!!

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  3. Hello there!! I saw your comment at Sketches in Thyme and I came running to tell you about the background!! I did it with a stamp with some squares, and I made diagonals in 3 colors trying to match que little squares on the right place, rs...
    I will post it on my blog latter, you're welcome to take a look at it!!
    Lots of kisses for you!!

  4. Hi Momma!!
    It's a great pleasure to visit all of you, I'm glad to be able to share tips!! I learn a lot with youtube videos and with other scrappers, so it's my chance to give it back!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your creation next year!!
    Many kisses, have a bright weekend!!


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