Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Good afternoon! Here's hoping you're getting the sunshine that we are currently missing. Gray day + virtually all of the leaves on the ground = November in Michigan. Since it's a typical November day for me, I thought I'd try to multi-task with cleaning my living spaces and putting together a fun page about my son. I got the page done, but I'm still trying to finish up the Living Room. Perhaps if cleaning involved attaching fun bits of paper and whatnots to the walls and tables, it would have gotten done first.

Since I got the page done, why not reward it with a blog? Okay, so "reward" might be a stretch, but it's what I'm doing, so... yeah....

Last Christmas, my son received this really cool robotic dinosaur for Christmas. He thought it was interesting, but preferred to spend more time NOT playing with it...until a few months ago. While he may not have been ready for such a cool toy last Christmas -- it walks; roars when you talk to it; purrs and sings when you rub its chin or tail; evidently also dines frequently on Matchbox cars -- he is totally ready for it now and plays with it often. In September, he also learned that it was a fun playmate. The two fast friends enjoyed an entire day of playing checkers and Bingo, tic-tac-toe and a few puzzles, too. I would be clearly amiss if I didn't grab my camera and snap a few photos to remember.

It's based on this sketch, posted on the Page Maps blog:

I went back to one of my favorite paper collections, Basic Grey's Oliver line. To me, it's the perfect "boy" set of patterns and I'll be a little bummed when I run out. Then again, it's not like they've stopped making it. I suppose I could get more, huh? Maybe if I finish cleaning the Living Room and Master Bath? Deal? Deal.


  1. Such a great page!! Those photos are such a clear "moment in time". How lucky that you snapped them and scrapped them. The Oliver paper is wonderful isn't it?? And why is it that we can buy it once but never think to buy it a second time?? lol

    Thanks so much for the kind words on my blog. Your nice words really helped make me feel better. Hugs!! Stacy H-W

  2. What an awesome picture you got of the two of them!!! So cute!!! Your layout rocks. I'm with you, Oliver is so perfect for boy layout! I tend to reach for it quite a bit too.

  3. Seriously loving this! He and John and John's dinosaur COLLECTION would have such fun together!


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