Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh, Karen! Beautiful (and sorry for being so late), it's true!

Good Tuesday Morning! Aside from starting the day up and running because PLAY seems to be the word of the day (and currently a tiny candy cane break to refuel the spider web slinging powers), I need to add a phrase to my vocabulary. Mea culpa. Since I bet I spelled that wrong, I'll just add "my bad." Back in July, I was given a very lovely award from a fellow blogger; the Beautiful Blogger award. I was in shock and delight. I quickly wrote up a response post...only to get super shy and become a horse's patoot. I was quite certain that this would be one of those things that no one would care about. Horse's patoot, I know!

In the spirit of gratitude that Karen reached out to me to begin with, I've updated the original post and highly recommend you check out her blog. Her focus is better health, being active and losing weight. She runs fun active challenges each month that I would also like to dive into in the months ahead.

Without further ado....

I am equally surprised and honored to have received a blogging award! Karen, author of muffin fixation, bestowed (yeah, I'm not sure why I'm all fancy this morning, either) the award of Beautiful Blogger onto me.

Along with this award, I'm supposed to share seven things about myself.

1. As much fun as Summer can be, I'm already looking forward to Fall. It's not unusual for me to start buying sweaters in mid August.

2. In October, 2004, I met my goal of losing 101 lbs. The whole journey lasted two years and ten months. I maintained that loss for several months before ten of those lost pounds found me...Then those 10 lbs sent out a batch invitation to ten more pounds....Then they send an invite to nine more...then I got pregnant.

3. On December 28, 2009, I went back to Weight Watchers to lose the 80 that I had gained back since meeting my original goal.

4. At this point, I've lost 40 of those 80 and seem to be holding steady. I'm okay with that because I've had to put my Weight Watchers meetings on hold until other details of my life improve.

5. I never thought I'd enjoy paper crafting and scrapbooking as much as I do. My mom had bought me a kit (album, paper, stickers, alphas, and so on) It stayed in it's box for well over a year before I finally decided I wanted to give it a try. I was hooked from the first page!

6.Evidently, I easily turn scrapbooking into a competitive activity. I've nearly learned to chill out and just do what makes me happy.

7.There's pretty much always one major obsession in my life. At one time, I was collecting dinner plates like crazy...then clothes...then there was the period of time that I'd spend three hours at the gym every day...then Sims....then blogging....then paper crafting. Now, I'm not sure what I'm going to be obsessed with.

And now to tag seven other bloggers. This is going to be tricky because I'm shy. I will share seven blogs that I like to read and gather inspiration:

1.Senora X -- {Daily Anecdotes}
2.Mellissa W -- Vini Vidi Clicki
3.Steffanie -- Stars N Sparkle Blooms N Bling
4.Stacy -- Scrap with Stacy
5. Beth Moore -- Runs with Scraps
6.2AMScrapper -- LOTSA SCRAP
7. In a scrap of paper -- I've just recently begun reading her blog.

And now, to type up some other posts with more information and further prevent horse's patoot-itude. Evidently, I'm about to get a nuggie from zee boy. I'm thinking that's the universe at work.


  1. Thanks for picking me as one of your 7 blogs! What a total surprise. I stopped by to just check things out and leave you a bloggy comment (because we bloggers live for our comments! LOL) and find this nice honor. Thanks girl. Thanks also for hanging out around my blog and leaving me all the nice comments...Hugs, Stacy H-W

  2. I'm confused...why did you have to wait from 5:00am till 1:30pm to enjoy my page?? Just wondering...
    Happy Thanksgiving! Have a nice day tomorrow. Stacy H-W

  3. congrats on your new award! i was just stopping by to let you know I left one on my blog for you too!! I guess you are a popular gal these days!! I hope you and your family had a blessed thanksgiving!
    barb :)

  4. Thanks for answering my question!
    I plan to post about my award in a couple of days when the holiday weekend is over and people start looking at my blog again. Hope your Thanksgiving was great! Stacy H-W


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