Monday, April 28, 2014


Good Monday morning! Yes, I'm actually this chipper on a Monday. I'm weird. It seems that I'm still in a sharing mood, huh? I'll blame Spring. It's a happy refreshing time of year, why not?

Speaking of sharing, I'm going to share one of my favorite spots for scrappy inspiration,

 I don't know exactly how their brand of magic works, but even when I'm down low with chemo side effects, I can look at their sketches and quickly know exactly how I could use each to make an amazing page. Sometimes, it will take me a few weeks to get the page done, but it feels so good to be energized and motivated to create. Last week, however, was a really good week. I've been cutting, inking, doodling, painting, writing and almost any other -ing you imagine.

Last Friday, Creative Scrappers celebrated their sixth birthday. There was an awesome blog hop. I learned about a few crafty stores that I hope to rave about this Friday. There was cake, even pony rides!  Okay, no ponies but definitely cake. As the day came to an end, they released 12 new sketches and an invitation to use them by May 30. If you share what you've made, you could maybe, possibly, who knows win a prize. Either way, I already got my prize by making this page.

Using this sketch:

When I saw Jody's interpretation here I knew I had to use it, too.,

Now, since you can't see me in this moment, I'll let you know that there may, or may not, be some dorky clapping going on. Here's why. Several moons ago, I watched a tutorial by Glitter Girl. Her intent was to show how we can make the most of a 12x12 space, even with a large photo, multiple photos, a memoir's worth of journaling, OR just wanting to hide your journaling. I've mentioned before that I can struggle with fitting all of my desired photos on one page. Sometimes, even on a 2-pager. Watching this video was liberating.

Tada! If you're like me, I'll add, I know, right?! Now I can have even more fun with the latest sketches, even if they call for a single photo because I have a way to add more. Now, if you wonder,  "Hey, Anne! That's great, but what about the page protector?" Glitter Girl thought of that, too. Watch this video when you have more time.

I remembered to take some close pictures this time. I even managed to score a celebrity appearance in a few.
 The ribbon is straight, but the dinosaur punches aren't. This is the paper from which I punched the dinosaurs for the layout, 7 Things About You.

 I painted the wood veneer cameras with Liquid Pearls. All chipboard pieces are from Crate Paper. I knew the collection name two seconds ago, I swear! Chemo Brain, man!

 The green striped candy dot is covering up a typo.

 Navy blue corrugated paper makes me happy!II used my long-ignored photo corner punch to make the navy corrugated pieces.  And, of course, here's the link to my gallery for a more detailed list of schtuff I've used:  crazy long list of goodies

 Can it be? A real Skylanders Giant came by to say hello. Welcome Eyebrawl. You can get off of my layout now. You're too dimensional to fit into the album.

 Alright, Eyebrawl. If you need to get that close, it may be time to see the optometrist.

I love that little boy!

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