Saturday, April 26, 2014


Good Saturday morning! I have been truly blessed this past week with energy, creativity and, the ever-elusive time. The boy has finally started embracing independence and likes spending some time alone, doing his thing. Currently, his thing = learning about Skylanders Trap Team. Yep! I have a gamer.

 I also have time to do things like craft and drink coffee..... I think I forgot to make myself a cup of coffee! While I pop off to fix that, I will share a page I finished yesterday. It's the title page for a fresh album, since The Boy just turned seven recently. Care to tell me what you think?

 I didn't take any close-up photos because I forgot that people do that. Sorry. Many of the doodads and whirlygigs here are Fancy Pants (Be Different). I fell in love with the collection. If you look at the bottom (red trim), I even used the branding strip because it's a message that I want The Boy to remember. Being like everyone else can be a bad idea sometimes.

The tiny dinosaurs are actually 1 part Echo Park paper and 1 part random tiny dinosaur punch that I received in a RAK years ago.

While I still have plenty of energy, I am currently distracted by a visit from my dad. If anyone reads, and would like more information, just ask. I will swing by and check comments.

 Also, I've added product links to this page, as posted at   
7 things about you

Mmm, tasty coffee!

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