Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Annual Report

Good Sunday morning!

Since I'm in a sharing mood, I thought I would do it again.

It seems that I make a lot of pages to honor my son's birthday. There's the cover page for the new album, usually including x facts about him (x = his age, solve for pie...or brownies). There's the page that documents how he spent his birthday. There's also something I call the Annual Report. Basically, I make a page that shows what he looked like on all of his birthdays and the day he was born. Now that he's seven, I have 8 pictures that need arranging PLUS space for writing PLUS all the fun embellishments. This year, I struggled. Even after making a collage with the PicsArt app, it was still a challenge because there were still 8 photos. Then I saw a Sunday Reveal post from Creative Scrappers. 

It was beautiful! Magical! Perfect; especially if I expanded it into a 2-pager.

Again, I'm pretty cozy with my Fancy Pants stash. I added a couple buttons from Jillybean Soup. If you'd like to see product information, here's the link to my gallery:

 Annual Report

The little monsters in the photos are pieces of clipart that can be found when using the PicsArt app. I thought they would make a perfect match to the page design.

Overall, if you were to look at most of the pages I've made, you would see I try to include lots of pictures. Sometimes, it's a difficult challenge. Fortunately, I recently watched a tutorial on YouTube that has changed everything. I've used the trick on two pages I made yesterday. I look forward to sharing both of them very soon. I'm far too excited for my own good.

Until then, the iron is calling my name. I need to get ready for next week.

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