Friday, April 25, 2014

Maybe, *Just* Maybe, Trying Again




I have to admit, I'm laughing right now because I'm not even sure that anyone is going to read this.... ever... I used to view a few blogs daily.  I used to post blogs often.  It's been a couple years since I've tried.

When last I posted, I was a bit past my first year of fighting cancer.  By the end of July, 2012, I had undergone 10 months of chemotherapy, 1 major surgery, radiation and was beginning a different chemo cocktail.

Since that last post, I stuck with that chemo regimen for about nine months.  It wasn't the worst experience, but I didn't like it.  Upshot, I kept my hair.  Downshot, I got to experience a crazy sensitivity to cold (during a Michigan winter!) and neuropathy.  By my second Cancerversary (April), we had made as much progress as we were going to make and I was given a six week break....that lasted eight glorious months.  I did beautiful things.

I celebrated Mother's Day with my son and his Kindergarten class.

I watched him graduate from Kindergarten.

I planned, and my family went on a mini vacation to the Columbus Zoo.  We hadn't gone on
ANY vacation in about twelve years.

I planned, and my family went on our very first camping trip.  My husband has plenty of experience camping, but it was new to my son and I.

My son and I got to experience homework.  I've given it plenty of times, but this was an eye-opener!

We did ALL of the Fall things.

I prepared to celebrate one of the best Christmases EVER.....and then the giant ice storm brought all the change.

In Januaray of 2014, new growth was found and I've been back at the chemo clinic ever since.

But, hey!  I'm still here.  My feed are on *this* side of the grass.  Spring is upon us, even in Michigan.  It's time to renew and see what beauty is waiting to be held.

I should probably admit right now that this week has been an uncommon one.  I have much more energy in this "off" week than I have had in previous off weeks.  My oncologist and I are working on finding ways to get me living more.  That's exactly what I want to do; live MORE!  I want to get back to celebrating life.  It's a pretty darn beautiful thing indeed, is it not?

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