Monday, September 20, 2010


Yep! I'm back! The sun is shining. The grass is green. I was productive and feel worthwhile. Today, I smiled. I laughed. I played and had silly fun.

I was a Dorkfish, and I blame Bill Engvall.

Seriously, I adore this man. If I weren't married with a child, I'd be his groupie. He's funny. In a way he's grounded. He thinks of the most unusual things and makes them funny.... Like Dorkfish. It's one of his routines to talk about a fish, known as the dorkfish, and what it must have sounded/ acted like... if fish could talk.

Certainly, there have been a number of times in my life which I felt like a dorkfish. One of the most recent times I felt this way was on the way to Georgia with my good friend, Mel. Out of nowhere, while she was trying to tell me about X, Y or Z, I just clapped my hands together and excaimed, "I'm a dorkfish!" She laughed. I laughed. Life was good.

Eventually, I had done this enough times during the trip that my son started to do it spontaneously, too. It became our group tagline; so naturally, while we dined at the Whistle Stop Cafe, near Macon, it just kinda happened and Mel just kinda took our picture in the process.

Originally, I made this page to submit in a challenge at -- Weekly Old Page Maps. This is pretty true to the sketch. I added a couple layers of paper and the branch and flowers because I wanted to. It is from the Cricut cartridge, Winter Woodland The Prima flowers were just something fun. The birds are stamped images -- stamped with crackle paint -- that I cut out, then attached with foam dots to add dimension.

I also stamped (Sassafras Lass), then Stickled a deer at the base for kicks and giggles. I know the embellishments don't really seem to echo the theme of the page, but to me they are something fun, that also makes me smile. I think, if dorkfish were real, they'd probably smile...and then say, "I don' get it."

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