Monday, September 13, 2010

A Happy Summer Memory

Hello! Happy Monday Afternoon! I've had another scrappy adventure come to a close and thought I'd share.

In August, my son had a very new (and potentially negative) experience. Of course, I only add the "potentially negative" part because it's something I can't do and makes me more than a little nervous myself. In August, my son had his very first "real" pool experience at my MIL's house. It was an exciting and happy memory for him. For the next two weeks that followed, he asked DAILY if he could go back and spend more time in her pool. Since then, other adventures, weather and goals have intervened. I'd like to get him back in the pool one last time before it gets emptied for Fall. He'll have to wait quite a while before he can do it again.

Anyway, here are a few of the 150 photos I took that day.

It is a lift of this August, 2010 Page Map:

It also includes a LOAD of inspiration from the Tags & Things group at Pages In Time. Helene, shared a great idea to create prize ribbons. I tried my best to create one in the upper left; with the help of the Fan Flower tutorial, by Helen Croft....and more than a couple staples...and a little murmuring under my breath.

I also decided to give the title spot some dimension:

Annnnnd, that's all I have for today. Dinner prep calls, and I'm still waiting for the glitter to dry on another project. I hope to have more for you soon!


  1. Awesome job with the sketch and I'm glad that your son enjoyed his swimming adventure!


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