Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rock Solid Learning Opportunity

Okay, so I thought I was all clever with the title. Short story long, upon arriving to our final destination in Georgia, we spent the first two hours learning about the beautiful quartz collection my friend an open-air glass shelving unit...that doesn't take kindly to bouncing children...

So, lesson one: Don't jump in the living room. The penalty would be a ballistic Mommy. Check!

Lesson two: Those pretty rocks that DS was immediately drawn to, by some invisible force, were called Quartz. There are many different kinds of quartz. There are also so many shiny rocks that he would have never known existed had he stayed home.

Lesson three: The quartz needs to be handled with great respect and care. ONLY touch the quartz when Mommy or her Friend are right beside you AND give you permission to do so.

Lesson four: This one was for Mommy and Friend. Zee child is purty durn bright if we don't say so ourselves. When asked why he supposed the blood quartz was named such he replied, "Umm, probably because it is red and it has blood in it." Not too shabby!

Lesson five: Zee child WILL in fact, teach anyone who will listen the lessons he learned that night. It was an early highlight of the trip.

Lesson six: Mommy will (and did) scrap this:

The design was inspired by the August Boy Oh Boy Challenge at Pages In Time. This challenge is hosted by Victoria and I've enjoyed starting them for the past three months....This was the first one I managed to finish!

I loved the details so much, I thought I'd share...

I painted all four layers to the large flower. They are actually the white Primas that come in a tube but the challenge called for a monochromatic scheme I then smeared Diamond Stickles over the top of all three finished yellow flowers for a little something extra.

I decided to stitch over the yellow circle (a Technique Tuesday tile I also pained yellow) for a little texture. I usually have this thing for something soft on my pages.

The title was the hardest thing to accomplish. I couldn't decide on a font for nearly the entire month. THEN I took a look at my Cricut cart, Winter (something or other that I can't get up and look for right now). Score that it had a hidden alphabet. Double score that it was beautiful!

Again, I thank you for taking the time to read and look.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. John would have LOVED being around those quartz! Of course, there probably would be a lot of the same lessons!

    I left you an award, by the way :)


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