Friday, January 21, 2011

By Way of Mental Note:

Wow! That title reminded me of even more than I wanted it to. I had an idea last Saturday to create a weekly feature on my blog, Friday Finds. In part, I hoped the blog would be a way for me to post something new at least once each week because I'd make myself post a bunch of cool links and fun stuff each Friday for everyone else to check out in turn. In part, it's just fun to share. We all travel in slightly different directions through the blogosphere and web. Why not share something potentially new and different?

.....Why not make this my first Friday Find? Afterall, I'm about to share a link and source of inspiration. Wasn't that my plan all along?

Okay, so first up: Punky Scraps is a site I've only begun to loosely follow. I've gathered that they have a Friday Challenge and they seem to lean a bit more to the rough and tumble of life. This appeals to me. I focus most of my scrapping on my son and my husband. Both my husband and I have an affection for heavy metal and rock music. This week's challenge is to gain inspiration from this quote:

Oof! I know, but it appeals to me.

Next: Maximum Embellishment, is a blog by Sandi. I discovered her via the blog roll over at Bella's Creations. She has been frequently sharing THEE CUTEST Valentine images lately. I've marked a couple to use in cards pretty soon but I'll wait to disclose which when I see that I like how they turned out.

And: Frosted Designs has been putting forth amazing Friday Challenges all their very own. I just wish I was able to participate more often. This week's challenge is to use vellum, transparencies or acryllic on your project. For better details, check out their blog here.

Want a good laugh? Check out Hyperbole and a Half. Her blogs are the epitome of brilliance!

Sketches in Thyme has a gorgeous sketch this week:

Feel inspired? Create and share your page with Sketches In Thyme. Upload for a chance to win a really cool goodie package.

Kelly Goree shared a super cool link for a chance to win some embossed Coordinations card stock. Interested? Click on her name to learn more. Hurry! Your chances end with this evening.

And one final share: a blogger by the name of Bitch Cakes has been inspiring me and getting me to think more about my own food choices. She's a Weight Watcher and she reached Lifetime a while ago. This week she shared a great recipe for a new take on fries....using delicata squash. Looks good and I'm trying to find this variety in my own local produce sections so I can give it a try.

I don't know about you, but that's a lot of information, isn't it? I don't think I'll always have so many finds, but I'd say this is a pretty good start. Until next time!


  1. Hi, thanks for leaving some love on my blog. You asked about the clouds on my layout. Well I made them with clay (fimo), I decided to try to make my own embellies. On top of the clouds I put some liquid pearls all over, so it give some glamm.

  2. Yup, that WAS a good start, Anne! I had fun blog hopping and looking at the coredinations paper...thanks for the heads up. Happy Saturday!

  3. That was a great start! I will have to go look at everything you suggested. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks also for coming to my blog and leaving the kind words. I really appreciate them and they helped to make my day. HUGS!!

  4. Loving the variety, and the whole "Feature" feature.

    And I think its so cute that you are already bookmarking things to prepare for Valentines day! I'm glad someones on top of things. I am not so much.

  5. People call ME crazy all the time! Love it! Ha ha.

    Fantastic sketch, ooooh....makes me almost wanna get up off my arse and do a layout again. Dang cards take up so much of my time!

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! MUCHO appreciated-o!

  6. I love that quote! thanks for sharing!


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