Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Maya Road?

Something tells me I need to take several photos of a mini I made last Summer. It started as an Ooh and Aah, when seeing Maya Road's coaster minis.

For Mother's Day, I snagged one of the home-shaped minis. Shortly afterward, I was offered an opportunity to interview for a job about 40 minutes from home. I already knew I could do everything they were asking of me and then some, so I was pretty confident. I also knew that, if I did get the job, I'd probably find myself missing my Little Guy and the fun we were having at home. To keep me distracted while waiting on a final post-interview decision, I filled that Maya Road mini with as many happy memories of home as possible. That way, I could take a little bit of home with me.

I didn't get the job, afterall, but I did have a cute little mini to tuck into my purse from that day on. I also sparked a love for the adorable-ness of Maya Road. Check out some more of the fun they have coming up next:

There's even more Amazing on their blog today. Go ahead and take a look.

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  1. Those cameos are really cool looking! I can see doing them up in a vintage style. Cool! Thanks for sharing about them.


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