Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bella Muse Meets 30 Days of Lists

Good Sunday Evening! I wanted to make a quick post about two projects that collided earlier today. I'm quite pleased with the result.... as far as first attempts at a new project go.

.... Okay, I feel like one of those adorable little Kindergarteners that proudly shows off their artwork to Mom and Dad saying, "I made this!" Humor me and my silly nervous ways!

It's a couple things in one. The image is this month's Bella Muse inspiration. I wanted to add it to my last Friday Finds, but evidently I went spacey for a day and could not, for the life of me, figure out how to correctly save the image onto my computer. A day later, I was smart enough to figure out how to print it. I distressed the edges and inked them with Distress Ink. I also (initially) decided that I would add Stickles to her lips and the cherries that were hanging from them....... It wound up looking so disturbing that I cringed every time I looked at it. I thought it was doomed.

Since the image (and the first idea of making a card) could potentially be sacked, I thought I might try to salvage it all by adding the image to a book cover. In this case, it's the stripped corrugated packaging that snuggled one of my Slice dies. I painted the cardboard blue and ran the same Distress ink along the bumps that I had used on the image. But then what would the book be about? *insert crickets chirping here*

It seemed like all might be lost again until, I went hopping around the blogosphere this morning and discovered 30 Days of Lists. I find calm and focus in making lists and creating organization on paper....even if it doesn't always manifest beyond the paper. It could also be a great spot to come back to in later projects. And my book finally had a purpose! From there I was able to add a grunge element label piece that had been used for mist masking months ago, a couple Fancy Pants brads and part of the brad packaging from a Making Memories set to create the title spot, "List This." The Prima flowers at the top have been in my stash for over a year now. It's time they came out to play.

....And my book is having a hard time staying together! * insert lone horn playing waa waa waaaaaaaaa* I need to go shopping for fasteners, but don't know when that will ever happen. For now, it's jerry-rigged and I'm not showing that off. I'm in the middle of a "learning experience" that shall remain invisible until I figure it all out.

But, I still dig my book cover and tonight, that's what matters.

Now, to try my hand at some ATC's.....

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