Saturday, March 26, 2011

Quite an Honor!

This is quite an honor for me! Yesterday, I was so touched to see that I had been chosen as a Bella du Jour (Bella of the Day) at Bella Creations. I was feeling more confident that my poor head was taking a break from migraines and seeing this award gave me great reason to smile.

What is a Bella du Jour? Essentially, this is one of the many ways Lacee and the Bella Design Team show their appreciation for the OVER 200 members of Bella Creations. It's a Caught-Being-Good Award. It's something very pretty to share among friends.

This is also an award very specific to members of Bella Creations. It's not a simple copy/paste onto your own blog. Want it? It's simple, really!

1) Have a love of paper crafting and/or learing new things to create and share with loved ones.

If scrapbooking isn't your thing, check out The Impressionists group. OR Transformed Art (because I can't type all Frenchified at this exact second).

Like working small? Check out 2AMScrapper's ATC (Artist Trading Cards) group, Ohlala.

Feel like creating projects and swapping them out? Join the Sisterhood Swap group.

Want to get a head start on Christmas? Hey, there's snow on the ground in Michigan, so it's not that big of a stretch! Head over to Sandi's Jingle Bella's group.

Feel shoppy? Check out the Market Place.

Like ink? Micupoftea's Voila, Ink! Group has loads of great tutorials and ideas.

There are five more tabs that I'm working on creating links for right now. I'm certainly NOT going to snub a single one of the groups; but you can get the idea already that there are so many avenues to explore, if you're in the mood to create. Bella Creations has some inspiration for you.

Head on over and check out Bella Creations. Join. Become a Member. Dip in your toes, say "Hello." Tell them that cooky crazy Mama woman sent you over; told you how awesome they are.

Because they are.

Oh! And if you like participating in fun challenges, they've got loads of those, too.

It's all so much fun.

They are all so friendly.... and supportive.... and creative.... and inspiring.... and amazing.

Yes, I mean it.

I really really do; as much as I mean that I want a bar of spicy chocolate, a glass of syrah and a nap right about now. On that note, with that many clues, I bid you adieu.

So go. Clicky! Clicky!

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