Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little Boy

Good Tuesday Morning! I'm claiming some "Me Time" right now, and the biggest thing I wanted to do was create a new post. In a few weeks, my son will turn four years old. He's so big, so strong, so smart, and so funny. Last night, he tried to make me Daffy Duck to his Bugs Bunny, ala Duck Season/Rabbit Season. Only, it was the great debate on whether or not he'd get a shower that night. Yes, he actually tried to trip me up:

Him: No shower.
Me: Yes, shower.
Him: No shower.
Me: Yes, shower.
Him: No shower.
Me: Yes, shower.
Him: (with a big grin on his face) Yes shower.
Me: Agreed. Yes, shower.

He thought sure it would work!

I digress. With his birthday fast approaching, I'm taking little walks down memory lane and occasionally bawling my eyes out because he's going to be heading off to college before I know it. Of course, then he reminds me that he'll always come back to play with his toys; so I shouldn't worry.

One of my moments of memory focused around his first haircut. That's probably because I was looking for fun photos to use in the most recent sketch from Creative Scrappers:

And here is my take:

*sigh* He had his first haircut about a week before his first birthday party. He was born with soooo much of it and it only got longer and blonder with time. So much of his first year of life was spent correcting strangers that HE wasn't SHE. Finally, we got sick of it all and took him to one of those cutesy kiddie shops where he sat in a large toy car while the nice woman snipped about three inches off the top. I'm telling you, the boy had hair to spare!

The paper and most of the embellishments are Echo Park. I applied the plane, cloud and sentiment to pieces of Grunge Paper to give them more oomph.

The ribbon is a random spool from well over a year ago that I just happened to spy while my son was rooting through my stuff for "rope" that his toy alien could use to save a Transformer's arm from certain doom.

The photo frame is a Technique Tuesday tile, covered in Glimmer Mist.

Aaannnnnddd, since I just got a good look at the state of my coffee table, I think I'll bring this post to a close. Thanks for taking the time to look and read. I can gurantee that the next few posts will have something to do with Memory Lane or the upcoming birthday. You're forewarned.

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