Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our produce will never be safe again....

Good Sunday Morning! The sun isn't even up yet, but I've got the urge to type.

I've also had the urge to make a few scrappy pages. Alas, one of my favorite subjects spends a good part of his week in school; thereby slowing down my crafty production. And yet, he continues to find ways to amuse me. Case in point, his love for Mr. Potato Head. It's now expanded past the actual toy. Friday and Saturday, he became curious and creative; using the Potato Head face pieces to re-purpose the fruits and veggies hanging in the fridge.

And one more, just to prove that I occasionally relinquish control of the camera to the DH....

Yeah, I'm a fashion plate. Good thing zee boy is so cute. Go ahead, ignore me and just look at him.

Now to edit photos and have some paper fun!

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