Sunday, May 4, 2014

Checking In

Happy Sunday!

I thought it might be smart to check in. It would be easy for anyone just starting to read my ramblings to think that I have stopped writing again. In the past week, I have worked on cleaning up my subscription list. I have noticed that it's very easy to say One is going to start blogging again, only to take another year or three off. I am at a point where I really want to try to stay active. I have already learned a couple strategies that will be important for me to do so.

1) Write A LOT of posts in advance. Write on my good days. Write about whatever I want. Polish them and schedule their release.

2) Put expected breaks in writing. I know when I have run out of things to say. I can tell when my blog will be quiet and for how long. Letting others know what to expect from me makes my life easier.

Beyond that, I have very little to share right now. This past chemo week actually went a bit better than past weeks. I was able to stay off of the couch, but I wasn't really interested in being creative. It was a week dedicated to caring for my family with the little things -- laundry, light cleaning, thinking ahead. I was optimistic on Saturday, International Scrapbook Day, but side effects kicked in hard. I managed to watch A LOT of videos, but that was it. Upshot, I now have three ideas for upcoming Friday finds. So there's that. I almost feel crafty today, so I might even have something to share later in the week.

Fingers crossed!

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