Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting My Groove Back

Good Monday Morning!

Happy Day After Mother's Day!

A Glorious Four Weeks Before Summer Vacation!  It's really glorious, either way you slice it.  For some, there are four glorious weeks of peace at home, before the wee ones hunker down and take over.  For others, there are ONLY four weeks standing between them and more time with their little angels.  No matter which camp you fall in with, enjoy them!

Want to know a secret?  It's really Friday.  I'm doing one of those pre-writes because a few technical ramblings are trying to become real thoughts.

1)  Woohoo!  I'm doing it!  I'm actually managing to post *something* each week.  This is awesome.  I just might be able to pull off a reasonable return afterall.

2)  Wow, I've got a lot of learning to do!  This one actually comes with sub-ramblings.  Yes, I said that.
**I have been cleaning up my blog subscriptions slowly but surely over the past few weeks.

**Some of my favorites stopped blogging approximately when I did.

**Some are still blogging strong, but my style and tastes have changed.

**I see that there are a few new ways to connect with readers -- subscription preferences.  I've added options to follow by email and have begun to explore Bloglovin.  Both options are to the right, if you prefer them more than the old Google subscription.

**I ditched Disqus.  I just felt like it.  As a result, I lost the only two comments I've received in the past few weeks.  That sucked.

** I REALLY want to learn how some people worked out those handy tabs at the top of their blogs.  I crave organization and blog tabs would make me ever so happy.

3)  It appears that I still love a good challenge, but it's harder for me to keep deadlines straight, so I'm working on adding a calendar to the right.  In this moment, it's a green tab that one can click, see what challenges piqued my interest, and perhaps join the fun.  If you are inspired by any you see on the list, you're welcome.  For now, understand that I know it looks unfinished.  I *just* started working on it today.  I haven't even added links to the challenge pages.

4) Periodically, I'm going to add a post about parenting.  I just like writing my thoughts in essay form.  If I think it might be worthwhile to share; or spark a conversation, I'm going to do so.

5)  Apparently, towels don't fold themselves, no matter how many times you train them.  How sad!


  1. Hi again! So nice to see another post from you! Hugs :)

  2. I am so glad to see you posting also...It is hard to take a break and come back and feel like everything is fresh. Was so glad to see you visit my blog. Keep sharing sweetie


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