Thursday, May 8, 2014

Party Animal

Happy Thursday! How does this day find you?  I have to admit, I'm pre-writing again, so I'm just going to say it's beautiful here and hope I'm right. Really, it's supposed to be hot and sunny. This could be a great day.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was trying something new (to me) this past week -- the splatters.  I tried it again on another layout.  It's less daring and just "okay" in my opinion, but I'd really like to read your thoughts, if you'd care to share them.

This page was inspired by another Birthday Sketch at Creative Scrappers.  More specifically, it's this sketch here:

It is such an unexpected design that I at least had to try it.  There are two strips of paper in the background.  The rest are, what I'm calling, washi tapes of the world.  Translation:  I don't remember what company made which tape.  I just have them and use them.  The red vellum behind the photos was exactly what my eyes needed to focus on the pictures of the day.

I kinda jerry-rigged my journal spot.  I wanted something red.  I wanted to use some of my new love -- corrugated paper.  I wanted to be able to keep some part of the incline created in the background.  Solution:  1 Fancy Pants journal card + home-made photo frame overlay = content Momma.  Again, story told and in the books.  If you're curious here are a few of the (easier to read) details.

  • The Boy has learned to be creative with cake design.  He actually dictated about three or four different cake design ideas.  One, was going to involve me crafting a treasure chest out of Rice Krispy treats and Kit Kats, then filling the chest with fondant-laden dragon eggs.  Yeah, he knows about Nerdy Nummies.  We settled on SpongeBob with a Terminator eye.
  • He's a typical gaming boy; so he was happy with his haul.
  • The crown on his head!  He designed that crown on copy paper, cut it out and had me staple the back so he could have his very own birthday crown.  He even wore it to school on his birthday. Yep!  That's my boy!

Beyond this, I'm eyeballing colors for another project.  I'm staring at a printed photo for one more; and trying to  pick a direction with a third -- shall I go one page or two?  I'm also trying to reorganize my space ans stash.  I've done the annual shopping spree and haven't exactly put it away yet.  It's just so pretty; but I'm left with almost nowhere to scrap!  Ah well, I'll figure it out.

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