Monday, May 5, 2014

My Summer Wish List

Hello! Hi! Howareya?

I'm taking my advice and writing what I can, when I can. It's currently a sunny Sunday (late) afternoon and I just enjoyed a sneaky ice cream sandwich. It was good enough to make me think about Summer. We've still got five more weeks in the school year, but Summer is coming. Mixed emotions run high.

 Naturally, The Boy is living for Summer Vacation. He's becoming less cooperative each morning. Aside from seeing his friends and participating in the few favorite activities, he sees no good reason to get dressed and leave home. Having been a teacher in the past, I understand this feeling well. Truthfully, I see many advantages to the more relaxed routine that Summer brings.

* Neither of us have to leave our cozy beds before six in the morning.
* No dress code.

 Yep! That's a short list. His school participates in reading and math practice during vacation, so I will still have the daily joy of making him read, add, subtract, tell time, count money, consider place value, etc. He's good at both reading and math, he just doesn't like to think about them. That's our battle. Almost every day.

 Maybe this year the battle won't be so bad. The practice will only take 20-60 minutes each day (depending on the struggle). That still leaves several hours each day for the kind of fun that would make Phineas and Ferb proud.

So that brings me back to the ice cream sandwich and my dreams. What do I want to accomplish this Summer? It's probably a standard list....

1. Local Church festival -- We used to go each year.
2. Local City Festival -- We only went twice, but it was also fun.
3. Farmers Market -- every weekend, please?
4. Drive In theater --  I just want to check off of my parenting list that my kid fell asleep in the back seat.
5. Fourth of July fireworks-- We managed to attend a big family event last year, but didn't stay long (totally my fault).
6. Camping -- Aside from setting up the tent in the back yard for kicks and giggles, I would like to camp for three to five nights this year.
7. Fishing -- mainly I want to watch others fish, snap a few pics and maybe eat the cooked deliciousness.

These are just the activities I can pull off the top of my head. I've started a board on Pinterest, full of ideas to keep The Boy and I occupied daily. I'll probably flip through those in my yucky times and expand this list with potentially great tthings. That alone can improve my mood.  That is the secret wish, afterall.

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