Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Finds -- For Really Reals!

Good Friday Morning!

Confession:  I am flailing for a fun intro because I've got a few tabs open to some new loves.  I just can't concentrate long enough to make words pretty.  One part of my brain just keeps repeating, "Here!  Take all my money!"  The other part is struggling to keep to the task at hand.  But seriously, Ahmahgah!

Maybe I should just get to it?

I'm going to try something new with this post, and try to do the picture/link thing.  Fingers crossed (and woohoo that it's technically Tuesday so I have three days to figure it out, huh?)!

Da Pretties, in no particular order of I WANT:

Pinkfresh Studio

Just clicking on their shop link should be enough to inspire joy.  I'm craving the foil printed alphas; the colorblock veneers; and the ombre washi.  Mine, I tell you!  Mine!

Creative Embellishments

I love using wood and chipboard shapes whenever I can.  Usually, I also love painting them, etc.  Basically, if you can think of a theme or shape, they've got it.  I even noticed today that they have flair.  So much delight!  I'll take six of these; four of those, and all you have of the rest.

Paper Issues

Okay, really, I've known about, loved and shopped at Paper Issues in the past.  They aren't new to me, but I love them all the same.SO!  Much! Awesome!

My Scraps And More

What I'm digging about this site is that they seem to get some of the new stuff faster than the mega websites that I also love.  SO, if I've really wanted something, but can't find it at the biggies, it looks like I might be able to find it here first.

This is all I have today.  It should be enough to make a shopper happy.  For now.  Beyond all this delight, I have a question.  Is it just me, or is metalic/foil gold HUGE this Spring and Summer?  I am seeing it everywhere and that's becoming a good thing.  I'll have to tell you about The Boy's current interest in all things gold; even when it's in my crafty stash.


  1. I'm always interested in finding new scrappy shops!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comment!! It was good to have you back! hugs! Stacy H-W

    1. Hi! I really am looking forward to enjoying your blog again. Thank you for stopping by. Happy Shopping!


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