Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Egg-cellent Decorating

Hello!  Happy Wednesday!

It turns out that I get a week off from my usually ickiness; and I've been lucky enough to play with my crafty crap.  Yay, me!  I've even got two pages done so far; so I'll have at least that many posts to keep things going.  That's good, right?  I thought so.

In both cases, I decided to try something new (to me); that inky splattery thing that has been all the rage.  I resisted it for so long because, well, I didn't "get it."  Fun fact about me:  I'm a literal person, EVEN when I'm feeling creative.  Most of the time, I have to figure out a logical theme that matches the story. Everything has to be connected; somehow someway.  When people sprinkle their mists or paints, it does look REALLY cute.  I enjoy watching people splatter in videos.  I like seeing it in the galleries.  I just couldn't convince myself to try.  Mists come with spray pumps for a reason; and apparently that reason is to cover the spread of a stencil on my paper.....  Yeah, I know.  I'm getting better; especially with the help of patient acquaintances in a scrappy group I joined last year.  I asked them why they sprinkle and splatter, and they had some really good reasons.

  • It can help tie the colors in a page together; so you don't have to rely on just the paper.
  • It helps spruce up white space.
  • It adds a layer.
  • You can create a visual line for the viewer.
  • It's funky.

So, I sucked up the buttercup and I tried it.

AND, since I decided to add some fun and funk, I gave myself permission to play a little more:

Ever found yourself completely without the perfect color of thread, floss or twine?  I did; so I used an old, but well loved, stash of Glimmer Mist (color) to dye some twine and fake it.

THIS was a learning experience.  I'm going to have to keep practicing it.  Well over a year ago, I read a magazine article about adding Liquid Pearls to your project.  One woman added drops to her page, waited until they were almost dry and pressed down to crack the finish.  Hers looked A-May-Zing!  Mine...Well, maybe you can see why I kept thinking I was really popping really fabulous zits. For me, it will take a minimum of three hours drying time before I can even consider crushing them again.

OH!  OH!  Also, the green tags upon which I globbed placed my pearls is actually (at the base) a 4x6 card from the Fancy Pants/ Be Different line; green with cream polka dots.  I used a navy embossing powder with a label stamp on the card; cut out three; cut the largest into 2 pieces to place on the left and right of my photo block, and tucked the other two.

Now, the overall design is thanks to Sketch 267 from Creative Scrappers.


I took a few liberties.  It's a great sketch; and I love seeing what everyone is doing with it.  Unfortunately, I am currently lacking in single-photo stories.  HOWEVER, I liked the big square of background paper and decided to use this 8x8 collage of photos in it's place.  On this one, I can now relax.  Story told and in the books.

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